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The greatest wealth is health. In order to stay healthy, you have to be fit. And in order to stay fit, you have to join the gym. This is what all health-conscious individuals do nowadays. On weekdays or weekends, they are squeezing time from their busy schedule and spend an hour or two at the exercise club.

As an owner, it is your job to maintain the clients. And as a Sydney commercial cleaning, it is Clean Group’s task to keep the entire gym neat, clean and healthy. With our cleaning services, many gym owners are keeping their clubs clean and tidy

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Cleaning services

Clean Group’s Potentiality in Gym Cleaning

The first question you can ask is why should you choose us? At Clean Group, we take our tasks very seriously. We have hired some of the best, well trained, experienced, trustworthy and reliable gym cleaners, we are also licensed and insured. Our cleaners have vast knowledge on how to use advanced technologies because that is how we provide gym cleaning services. We use high-tech gym equipment and eco-friendly materials and chemicals to clean the entire dirt and grimes of the entire fitness centre.

Our chemicals are specifically made to ensure the safest environment possible. Our techniques will leave the whole gym, the machines and also the toilets and shower spaces dry within two hours, leaving the complete premises odourless. The best gym cleaning services in Sydney Some of our facilities include Mopping, Steaming, Deep cleaning, Polishing, Vacuuming and using eco-friendly chemicals to wash all the gym equipment as well as the premises. Clean Group office cleaning Sydney services

Offering the Best Gym Cleaners Assistance in Australia

A gym is stacked with rows of exercise machines. It has lockers and shower areas. It also has toilets. But the most challenging part comes after everyone leaves the fitness centre. The whole gym smells of perspiration and the air gets stuffy. If this continues for days, it becomes impossible to get rid of the stuffiness.

Clean Group has the potential, the correct methods, the proper materials, and the best technicians to offer you the finest Gym Cleaning assistance in Australia.

Exercising Machine Cleaning

We will polish and clean exercising machines, washing off all the grimes and prints from them.

Refreshing Air

The atmosphere inside a gym suffers from perspiration from all day’s sweat. We have the perfect equipment to clear the air off the perspiration, leaving the atmosphere fresh, hygienic and odorless.

Toilet Cleaning -

With so many individuals coming to the gym, they are surely using the toilet as well. A toilet has more germs and bacteria in it than any other part of the gym. We provide thorough toilet cleaning services as well.

Sanitizing the Entire Gym

It is highly recommended that cleaning a gym should leave the entire place sanitized. And this is what Clean Group provides. We sanitize, sterile and aseptic the whole gym, leaving it fresh, healthy and immaculate. Also, visit our Facebook page for updates.


One side of a gym usually tends to be made out of glass. We will wash and polish the window making it sparkling shiny.

Carpet Cleaning

A gym is usually carpeted throughout. This means the surface gets soiled, spots as well as various stains. We do Carpet Cleaning, Vacuuming, Dry Cleaning and also washing for you.

Removing Soap Residues from Shower Areas-

Shower is a must after completing per gym session. Shower spaces tend to clog soap residues after a day’s end. Clean Group does a proper washing of the shower areas, scrutinizing every inch of it.

Refreshing Air

The atmosphere inside a gym suffers from perspiration from all day’s sweat. We have the perfect equipment to clear the air off the perspiration, leaving the atmosphere fresh, hygienic and odourless.

pub cleaning

What is included in our pubs cleaning?

While cleaning, there are several things and places in the pub that need to be addressed. We need to give special attention to some areas in the pub to make the space more comfortable for the visitors. The following are the few things that are included in our pub cleaning services.

Clean all surfaces and mop hard surfaces.

Carpet cleaning

Special attention to entrance and reception areas

Disinfecting and sanitising restrooms

Removing broken or partially broken bottles

Organising furniture, tables, and chairs

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our pubs cleaning services, you can talk to one of our cleaning specialists. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

The Benefits of Pubs Cleaning Services

Running a pub is the most profitable business at present. What if all your visitors stop showing interest in your pub? Yes, it can be possible if you fail to keep your pub the way your visitors want it to be. Here we are listing some of the benefits one may get with pub cleaning services.

Increase your visitors' safety

A tidy and clean environment in the pub will increase the safety of your visitors. If you keep your pub dirt and dust-free, then your visitors are not likely to trip on anything. Safety can be achieved by cleaning and organising pub furniture in good order.

Get rid of the illness in the pub

Pubs are crowd pullers and one of the most popular gathering places. There is no doubt about it. If the pub is unhygienic, even a small amount of dirt and air pollutants can spread diseases within the four walls of the pub. Pubs cleaning services will ensure a pristine environment in your pub in order to make your visitors more comfortable.

Enhance your pub brand

People will flock to the pub if it is warm and inviting. If your pub is so hygienic, more people will come and the count of revisitors will increase. You can improve your brand's image by having a pub cleaning service. Mouth talk and popular brands will highly influence the success of your pub business.

bar cleaning
pubs cleaning

Why should you choose us?

We do pub cleaning services according to our client’s wishes. Whether you need quick bar cleaning or a detailed pub cleaning service, we are the ones to talk to. You get the following if you book our pub cleaning services.

We are flexible with your time.

We offer our pub cleaning services at reasonable prices.

To maintain transparency with you, we provide you with a free quote.

We've got exceptional pub cleaners.

“Make your pub a more profitable and gratifying business with our pubs cleaning services”.

Leading Restaurent Cleaning in Gold Coast & Nothern NSW

For many, their favourite thing to do after work is go to pubs, especially pubs that become hotspots during weekends. People love to go to pubs and relieve their stress. As a result, it is critical to keep your pub: clean, safe, and sanitary. If you fail to provide what your customers look up to, you will see a rapid decrease in footfall. If you want to run your pub business more profitably, you may need regular pubs cleaning services.

Affordable Facility Services provides a wide range of cleaning services, with a focus on pub cleaning. Let us make your pub more welcoming and comfortable for your visitors. Our professional pub cleaners will take responsibility for keeping your pub facilities clean. Pub cleaning is a difficult task to complete with excellent results. Pubs cleaning tasks demand highly trained professionals with experience in cleaning. Fortunately, we are good at both. If you are searching for the best pub cleaning services, then we will be the answer to your search. Keep scrolling down to learn more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard office cleaning service includes cleaning floors, dusting furniture, desk, window sills, etc., wiping surfaces, computer monitor, light fixtures and more, vacuuming carpets, cleaning and disinfecting toilets, cleaning the trash and disinfecting other high-traffic points. Custom office cleaning plans and services are also available. Contact us to know more!

Different office cleaners follow different steps to clean an office.

Our cleaning process includes dusting/wiping all surfaces, doors, windows, fixtures, walls, computer monitors, etc., which is followed by cleaning the floors and carpets. Once done, we’ll clean the toilets, kitchens and other remaining areas. We use high-quality, eco-friendly products for office cleaning.

Yes,  most of the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly & Bio degradable.

Most large offices require a minimum 1 weekly clean, but it all depends on the amount of staff you have. Please contact our office so we can discuss your requirements.
Yes, all staff have background checks prior to employment, it is our obligation to ensure our employees have a National Police Clearance Certificate.

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