All about care

At Facilities First, we believe in nurturing every member of our team to reach their full potential.

We offer you an environment where you can thrive and find opportunity for your future.

Our team members are the lifeblood of our business and we’re fiercely proud of the values they uphold and the valued service they provide.

Care is at the heart of everything we do and that starts with our team.

We know that providing you with a safe and fulfilling workplace gives you the best possible chance to do a job that makes us all proud.

Community first

Facilities First is a community that brings together people from a diverse range of cultures, levels of ability and disability, ages and religions as well as people whose first language is not English.

We love the true diversity of our team.

We work hard every day to actively foster and promote diversity within our workplace.

Our Facilities First community works together and plays together.


Our active employee engagement programs include something for everyone, from the in-company netball tournament to the family fun picnics. We also actively participate in charity events like the Kids Cancer Project and public vital awareness campaigns including Are You Ok? Day and Naidoc Week.

Training and support

When you work at Facilities First you are supported by our network of Client Service Managers and Work Health, Safety and Quality Officers. We take workplace safety very seriously and our WHSQ team works alongside you out in the field to make sure you are safe and secure in your environment.

At Facilities First, we want to provide you with more than just a job; we want to help you build a career. We support our team with thorough onboarding and ongoing and specialised training as well as upskilling opportunities.

As a company, we love to see our team members thrive and grow; we actively encourage career advancement.

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