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Keep your medical facility's environment healthy with cleaning services.

The greatest wealth is health. In order to stay healthy, you have to be fit. And in order to stay fit, you have to join the gym. This is what all health-conscious individuals do nowadays. On weekdays or weekends, they are squeezing time from their busy schedule and spend an hour or two at the exercise club.

As an owner, it is your job to maintain the clients. And as a Gold Coast & Northern NSW commercial cleaning, it is AFS’s task to keep the entire gym neat, clean and healthy. With our cleaning services, many gym owners are keeping their clubs clean and tidy

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Medical Cleaning Services We Provide

Medical centre cleaning refers to the cleaning of medical premises like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies & nursing homes with a focus on safety and hygiene. Cleaning services are essential for the safe treatment of patients and to control the spread of infections.

Our medical centre cleaning services are all-inclusive and will cover routine cleaning of patient rooms, operating theatres, toilets, waiting rooms, etc., followed by complete disinfection by professional cleaners. AFS strives to produce the cleanest medical centre in Gold Coast & Northern NSW.

To achieve our goals, we thoroughly work from the top to the bottom of the entire healthcare facility. This also includes

These things are part of AFS’s green cleaning services & solutions. What’s great about professional cleaning services is that they are adaptable to any kind of business premises such as office cleaning, retail stores, schools, childcare and medical centre cleaning, and even fitness facilities and other commercial cleaning services.

What is the importance of maintaining cleanliness in hospital facilities?

If you keep your medical facility clean throughout the years, people will have a good impression of your service. As a result, footfall will rapidly increase in no time.

With proper maintenance of cleanliness within your medical facility, you can see increased trust from the patients and their families in your service.

If you promote cleanliness in your hospital, indirectly, you are giving hope to your patients.

Hospitals are the places where millions of bacteria and billions of germs spread each and every single day. Having cleaning services regularly will help to prevent more people from being affected by bacteria.

Why should you choose us over others?

To make your hospital more hygienic, you should hire exceptional medical centre cleaners. If you choose inexperienced ones, they may end up with poor cleaning results. To avoid any of those negative results, it is always advisable to hire medical centre cleaners who have immense knowledge and experience in medical centre cleaning services. Here we are listing some key points that help us to become the most trustworthy medical centre cleaning service among the people. Find them below.

We are professional medical centre cleaners and more friendly in nature.

We are always the first ones when it comes to adopting the latest cleaning tools or solutions.

We have qualified medical centre cleaners that underwent proper training.

Affordable Facility Services are popular for their most affordable medical centre cleaning services.

The output that you receive definitely matches your expectations.

We use our own cleaning equipment and solutions, so you don't need to purchase them.

Keep your medical facility's environment healthy with cleaning services.

Cleanliness can be an exception in any industry for a number of reasons, but not in the medical sector. “Just like medication supports health inside the body, cleaning services support a healthy environment within hospital facilities”. You might need medical centre cleaning services if you run a medical facility and want to keep the surroundings of your clinic clean and healthy.

We at Affordable Facility Services offer all types of cleaning services and specialise in medical centre cleaning. We have teamed up with specially trained medical centre cleaners who are exceptional at cleaning medical centres. We have been in this cleaning field for so many years and have already

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard office cleaning service includes cleaning floors, dusting furniture, desk, window sills, etc., wiping surfaces, computer monitor, light fixtures and more, vacuuming carpets, cleaning and disinfecting toilets, cleaning the trash and disinfecting other high-traffic points. Custom office cleaning plans and services are also available. Contact us to know more!

Different office cleaners follow different steps to clean an office.

Our cleaning process includes dusting/wiping all surfaces, doors, windows, fixtures, walls, computer monitors, etc., which is followed by cleaning the floors and carpets. Once done, we’ll clean the toilets, kitchens and other remaining areas. We use high-quality, eco-friendly products for office cleaning.

Yes,  most of the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly & Bio degradable.

Most large offices require a minimum 1 weekly clean, but it all depends on the amount of staff you have. Please contact our office so we can discuss your requirements.
Yes, all staff have background checks prior to employment, it is our obligation to ensure our employees have a National Police Clearance Certificate.

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